Folding Poker Tables

Folding poker tables add an element of fun to your home poker games that just isn’t there when you play on your kitchen table. Like being in a casino, there is an exciting Vegas feel when you splash the pot on the colorful poker felt and out bluff your competition across the table.

So if your poker games with your friends and family are getting a little stale, look at these wonderful benefits when you have your own poker table.

Folding poker tables make the game more realistic. As stated before, instead of throwing your old army blanket over the dining room table and it bunching up when you try to rake in the chips, a poker table has a felt playing area. Under the felt is a pad that absorbs the sound when your chips hit the table which sounds more authentic then that wooden echo and the chips bouncing all over the place, just like real casino tables.

Folding poker tables have features for comfort and convenience. After long hours with your arms creased on the edge of a hard wooden table, you start to get pretty uncomfortable. Poker tables have cushioned armrests that surround the entire perimeter of the table to rest your arms on. They also have built in beverage holders for every player so you have a place to keep that beer from spilling all over the table.

Folding poker tables can be stored easily. Unlike a billiards table, when your poker game is over these can be folded up and put away, ready for your next game. And setup is just as easy. You are ready to play in a few moments. Poker tables are heavy, but they are still portable. You could fold it up and take it to a friends house if your game rotates.

Folding poker tables come in two common shapes, oval for larger games and octagon for smaller more personal games. For those large tournament games with more than 7 or 8 people, the oval tables can be as long as 7 or 8 feet long and have up to 10 player positions. The octagons are 4 feet across and are for up to 8 players where everyone sits facing each other, and all players can reach the pot.