A Guide to Golf Betting

Betting Golf

Unlike many other sports, golf betting is relatively straightforward but it is also one of the hardest games to predict. However, with creative bookmakers producing a range of alternative markets, there are a number of exciting ways in which you can get involved.
Golf Betting
The most popular golf betting events take place on the European and the PGA tours and the simplest bet involves speculating on who will win each individual tournament. This may seem easy enough and its tempting to look at the worlds top ten golfers in order to find a winner for any particular competition.

However, its important to remember that tournament fields are huge and with so many competitors taking part, the vast majority all have a good chance of winning at any given time. Consider that in 2011 Darren Clarke won the British Open after attracting pre-tournament odds of 125/1 and youll understand just how tricky this element of golf betting can be.

On the other hand, that figure tells you that there is some great value to be had with outright winner betting and that`s why golf betting remains popular to gamblers.

As an alternative, you can look at placing an each way bet on a particular golfer to win. Once the tournament ends, if he or she is placed inside between first and fourth place then you can still collect some money but at a fraction of the odds if they don`t actually win.

One of the most popular sporting events in the calendar is the bi-annual battle between Europe and the USA for the Ryder Cup and this competition provides the gambler with a number of markets for golf betting over the course of the three days.

When it comes to golf betting, naturally you can bet on the overall winner or you can also bet on a tie. It`s not unknown for both sides to finish the tournament on fourteen points and betting on this result could attract some very high odds. Over the three days that the Ryder Cup takes place, you can also bet on the individual matches between the two sides and this is an exciting element that has been carried over into tournament golf.

Bookmakers that offer golf betting will generally try to identify two evenly matched golfers in any tournament and give you the opportunity to bet on who you think will finish the four days with the lowest score. They don`t have to be paired together – they will usually be of a similar strength – but your job is to bet on a win for either player or indeed a tie.

With golf betting, you can also bet on the highest money earners over the course of a season and you could also gamble on the number of majors that a player might win. All of these have been introduced to give you as many alternative markets as possible.

Overall, betting on golf may need slightly more luck than some other sports but you can still do your research and look for tips to help you get by. Whether you play yourself by using 2 for 1 golf or even if you don`t, golf betting can be a great way to enhance your enjoyment of a televised tournament.