Football Betting Guide (Soccer)

Soccer Betting Guide

There is no doubt that football betting is fun and with the variety of potential outcomes and possibilities that the sport of football (soccer) offers, football betting can be the most fun of all the sports to bet on. However, while football betting can be fun, if you are going to take the business seriously and end up a winner you are going to need to get to grips with the statistics.

Indeed, without real knowledge of the stats, while you may get lucky on the odd occasion, the likelihood is that in the end you are going to end up a loser. Of course, no-one likes being a loser so it is vital that you delve into the stats before going ahead with any bets.

The kind of stats you should be looking for are various. Some are more obvious and easy to check, for example, to get some idea of how a team is doing you can simply look at the league table. A closer look will then reveal each team`s particular performance levels both home and away, what their recent form has been like or even how they did in their last match.

However, some statistics, many of which could turn out vital to making the smart bet, may require a more extensive knowledge. For example, certain teams may have a psychological advantage over their opponents for some reason or another and although their recent form may be far worse than their opponents their chances of winning the match may be significantly increased by this advantage.

Other statistics that may be known by more seasoned punters but unknown to the novice include such facts as a team trailing 1-0 in a match is at least 6% more likely to score the next goal than the team that are currently ahead. Similarly, a statistical fact such as teams that have been promoted to the Premiership tend to do much worse in their promotion season than the clubs that have been promoted to the Championship from league one, is one that may help a punter make a much safer bet.

Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of online betting guides out there that can make your statistic searching far easier. Many dedicated football betting guides exist that are specifically designed to provide football betting fans–seasoned pros and novices alike–with all the statistical information they need to make that smarter bet.

With the help of these professional guides anyone will soon learn how to make the best of the opportunities that football betting in particular can offer. The resources here will include the details of results that may stretch back many seasons. More often than not, these detailed archives will also be backed up by summaries that offer important insights to certain trends within particular leagues and competitions.

In addition, most of these guides will not only include statistics from all the European domestic leagues but also more international leagues, regional club competitions and even international tournaments. Therefore with these football betting guides you will find anything from some great Premiership tips to who is most likely to win the next world cup. Simply study the form, make your own considerations and place your bets.