The amazing Poker Celebrity Show

Poker Celebrity Show

Poker has been almost a hundred years, yet it is only very recently got in popularity due to the spread first across America in 1800. Since 2000, people are increasingly interested in the game. Since it is in force for so long, many people wonder what the reason is a sudden interest. Well, it’s not a mystery. Besides the eve of the online poker games and tournaments, in particular, played on Texas Hold’em variation is mainly due to the popularity of televised poker games, such as the World Poker Tour, and celebrity poker games, like Poker Celebrity Showdown.

When the poker was broadcast on television, viewers have not been able to see the players’ cards. Since then, new technology has given global audiences with this intimate view of the game. Add it to the fascination of people with fame and money and you have a combination triumphant. That is why the TV show, Celebrity Poker Showdown, is so successful.

Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo’s Celebrity contest, which shows celebrities playing poker and donates profits to charity. In each show, five celebrities play No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament to a charity of your choice.

When a celebrity is eliminated from contention, he / she move to the losers Laung to watch the game. They are then interviewed by show hosts on the game and strategy. The show is always hosted by a celebrity, and this work has seen a number of high-level actors and comedians and a detailed commentary by a senior expert in poker.

The first six tournaments have been played for $ 250,000. The four players eliminated in the first five games to win $ 5,000 each for fourth place earns $ 10,000, third place earns $ 12,500, second place wins $ 20,000, and first place wins $ 100 000.

With the start of the tournament session, the prize has increased significantly to $ 1,000,000. With this change, the prize money in the championship is divided as follows: The four players eliminated in the first five games is $ 5000, fifth place receives $ 25 000, fourth place receives $ 75 000, the third place will receive $ 100 000, second place receives $ 200 000, and first place receives $ 500 000.

The Poker Celebrity Showdown is so well-known it has even enthused parodies of the show. In 2005, Saturday Night Live dedicated a skit to the famous tournament. Two celebrity players lend their voices to an animated TV Funhouse parody known as “Celebrity Mugshot Poker,” where various Hollywood celebrities are represented by animated versions of their mugshots.